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I have worked with the sons of a local couple who are both Physicians. They trust Now It’s Personal Trainings experience and expertise in Physical Fitness. 

Children are not miniature adults. You cannot use the same training methods or motivational techniques on growing children as you do with mature adults. Children are different from adults anatomically, physiologically, and emotionally.

Children have immature skeletons. Their bones do not mature until somewhere between the ages 14 and 22 years — depending on gender and maturational levels. In girls, exercises during childhood can have a critical effect on bone health that can last a lifetime. Children and adolescents sustain different types of athletic injuries than adults and are particularly vulnerable to growth-related overuse injuries (e.g., Osgood Schlatter’s disease).

Children do not sweat as much as adults do, so they are more susceptible to heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Their relatively low muscle mass and immature hormone systems make it more difficult to develop speed and power. Breathing and heart responses during exercise are much different than in adults, which also affects their capacity for exercise.

Sports skill development in children depends on maturation of the brain and nervous system, muscles, temperature regulation and endocrine systems. The personal trainer should know developmentally appropriate training techniques that increase fitness for sports without causing injury.

Since 1963, there has been a relationship between lack of activity and increases in body fat levels for children in the USA, as reported in the Physician and Sports Medicine in 1999. However, in the recent past, several leading sports and fitness organizations have set guidelines for strength training for children.

Now It’s Personal Training seeks to promote fitness, make it appealing to kids at different age levels, and help children maintain active lifestyles beyond their youth.

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